Mark Chillingworth

Mark Chillingworth has over 20 years of journalism and editing experience across all media platforms including online, live events, print magazines and television. In recent years Chillingworth has specialised in turning around media publications and launching new products as part of his editorship. From 2010 to 2016 Chillingworth was Editor in Chief of the award winning CIO UK and created the largest exclusive CIOs conference, the annual CIO Summit, attended by 140 CIOs for the last three years. In 2011 he created the CIO 100, an annual power list of the UK’s most transformative CIOs. These multi-media products consisted of live events, online, social media and traditional magazines. Chillingworth’s editorship of CIO UK saw him manage two online redesigns and one print relaunch as well as the creation of four event formats.

Chillingworth is an experienced event creator and host. Over the last five years he has recruited speakers and hosted the annual CIO Summit and CIO 100 events. These two events became the primary events for the CIO community in the UK and revenue generators. Chillingworth uses his editorial skills and close relationship with the UK’s business technology leaders to develop events that deliver unique value and opportunities to debate.
Before joining CIO UK Chillingworth was Editor of Information World Review, managing online and print relaunches during his career. Prior to a two year working break in Australia, where Chillingworth was able to report on the Sydney Olympics, he was a web and television producer for Sky TV writing scripts and producing video material for broadcast. Chillingworth’s journalism career has seen him work for and write in consumer and business publications as well as daily newspapers and websites, his favourite journalism is the long-form interview.

Away from journalism and editorial services, Chillingworth is a father of two, keen mountain biker and cycling coach on the North Downs.